Setting an Agenda for Research on Electronic Portfolios: Past Practices and New Directions
April 14, 2004 --10:35 AM-12:05 PM

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This list was begun as a result of comments after the AERA Presentation.
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    1. Helen C. Barrett ( University of Alaska Anchorage (Chair)
    2. Joanne M. Carney ( Washington University)
      Title: Literature Review on Electronic Portfolios Research
    3. Joanne M. Carney (Western Washington University)
      Title: Electronic and Traditional Portfolios as Tools for Teacher Knowledge Representation
      Both presentations in one paper posted online at:
    4. Ann H. McCoy ( (University of Alaska Anchorage)
      Title: Researching the Process and Outcomes of Electronic Portfolio Development in a Teacher Education Program
      Presentation posted online at:
    5. Katherine C Wieseman ( State College)
      Title: Mandated Standards-Based Electronic Portfolio Assessment for Measuring Preservice Teacher Quality
      Paper posted online at:
    6. Helen C. Barrett - University of Alaska at Anchorage (Discussant)
      Presentation slides (664K) Handout (228K)

National survey posted online at:

PANEL DESCRIPTION: This Interactive Symposium will attempt to set an agenda for research on electronic portfolios in teacher education. Following a discussion of conflicting definitions and diverse implementation models, the current research literature on electronic portfolios will be summarized. Then, at least three research studies on electronic portfolio implementation in Teacher Education will be presented. Following these presentations, and comments by the discussant, the presenters and the audience will be invited to suggest new directions for researching the effectiveness of electronic portfolios in education. Attendees at this session will be invited to participate in a nation-wide data collection effort on electronic portfolio development and use in Teacher Education programs.

updated April 14, 2004