Introduction to Electronic Portfolios in K-12 Education

facilitated by Dr. Helen Barrett

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eportfolioThis class will provide an overview of student-centered electronic learning portfolios that also support classroom-based formative Assessment FOR Learning. Emphasis will be on how teachers can support students of all ages to use desktop, laptop, or mobile devices, focusing on (mostly free) Web 2.0 tools, to: Capture & Store Digital Evidence; Reflect on Learning; Give & Receive Feedback; Plan & Set Goals; Collaborate; Showcase Selected Work; and Evaluate Online Portfolios. (This is a generic course, with no specific tools or grade levels, although part of the process is to provide an overview of the different purposes and tools available, with an emphasis on collection, reflection, and direction/goal-setting). A major product of this course is a team developed plan for implementing electronic portfolios in K-12 education.

    1. Introduction to Electronic Portfolios with K-12 Students (Generic Tools) -- Participants will focus on the process and explore a variety of tools available to implement ePortfolios in K-12 schools
    2. Implement Electronic Portfolios with K-12 Students using Google Apps -- Participants focus on using Google Docs, Sites, Blogger, YouTube, Picasa, Digication, Teacher Dashboard.
    3. Implement Electronic Portfolios with K-12 Students using Mobile Devices -- Participants focus on using Mobile devices to support student reflection and learning portfolio development.
    4. Implement Electronic Portfolios with K-12 Students using Mahara -- Participants focus on using the open source Mahara software for implementing ePortfolios.
    5. Create Your Professional Portfolio using Web 2.0 tools -- Participants create a Professional Portfolio with choice of tools:
      Google Sites, WordPress Pages, WikiSpaces, Blogger Pages, Mahara (hosted at or

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